Inspur T-Eye

The Inspur T-Eye is AI HPC application profiling and performance tuning tool. It offers analysis of applications performance, features of hardware and system resources running on GPU clusters. Revealing realtime features, hotspots and bottlenecks, it helps to improve computing efficiency at micro-architecture level.

Key Features

Runtime Performance Monitoring

Shows data distribution of each index, horizontally compares each index, unveils the indexes' influence on application performance and their mutual links, identifies performance bottleneck.

Identify Critical Index with Radar Chart

Based on an application's requirements on the performance of major indexes, generates the radar map of features, describes the performance features.

Comparison Analysis to Facilitate Optimization

Through horizontal comparison of different model and algorithm features, an analysis of the superiority/inferiority of their performance to facilitate subsequent application model or algorithm optimization is established.

Inspur T-Eye